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My husband, Eric, and I live in Steele, North Dakota, USA. I've been interested in intentional Catholic Community for over 15 years and until recently have found scant resourses on the subject. The possibility of creating or joining a lay community is ever present on my mind. Eric and I have seven children. (Four on earth and three in heaven.) Ages 21, 18, 13, and 10. We both homeschool and work from home, intentionally creating a "mini" community amoung our little family, but always wanting to branch out and connect with others. Eric is a software engineer and I work very part time as a newspaper journalist. In my spare time, I love writing, journaling, composing piano music, painting, and doing many different kind of "projects". I'm currently writing a book/memoir about a 10 year journey to understand world peace and more specifically, the future "Era of Peace" which fittingly ties in with church community - communities of love with Jesus and His Church as the firm foundation. This is a very well put together website. Very attractive and organized and I look forward to investigating it further! God's Blessings!


Maria Wanchic

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